About the Owner

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Welcome to Shear Abilities!
I am a mother to 6 children and grandmother of 6 adorable grandchildren. One of our beautiful daughters has cerebral palsy on her left side (hemiplegic) . Life has not always been easy for her or the family at times because, as a parent, when they hurt you hurt with them on so many different levels! It effects the whole family when you have a child with any disability. Your eyes are so much more open to problems that can arise, that other people take for granted. The biggest disappointment is watching people with a disability not being catered for on a level they so deserve and we have to shout out to be heard or shout out for our family members ! Disabilities come in so many forms and, as you know, you don’t always see the disability. That’s why disabilities should be looked at with everyone you meet, because you just never know !
Why I decided to open a Hair salon – I have run salons and worked as a hair dresser for many years and I want to put clients, big or small, with a disability first because they deserve it. They deserve the royal treatment, they deserve to feel equal, they deserve to feel comfortable, they deserve to feel like they are not putting anyone out, they deserve to fit in. What people with Disabilities have to face each day that comes hand in hand with their condition – we could only imagine!
The Salon will also cater for abled bodied clients as well and mums /dads can bring there babies/kids in without worry, as kids will be catered for in the sensory room !
Well I’m not going to go into detail just yet as we will take everyone for a tour soon, this has been in the making for 12 months and I really hope I have met everyone’s expectations! My heart and soul has gone into the salon and I can not wait to share with you all ! Don’t forget to keep an eye out on the give aways !
x Desiree